PRIMITIVE BAPTISTS are local Baptist Churches who desire to worship God in spirit and in truth and to live moral and disciplined lives as taught in the King James Holy Bible. Primitive Baptist doctrine and practice rises from the belief that God is "Sovereign", that He chose a particular people before the foundation of the World (Election), that Adam and all his posterity fell in sin (Depravity), He sent His Son (Jesus Christ) to sacrificially die for all that He chose (Intercession) and that His sacrifice was perfect in that He will lose none (Preservation), that salvation is totally by Grace and not by any meritorious works by men, and that all the Elect will be Effectually Called to a spiritual life (Born Again) by the Holy Spirit sometime between conception and death, and that He did "Predestinate" His Elect “to be conformed to his image”, and that at the last day He will raise all His Elect to be forever with Him in paradise (Resurrection). The love of God with its joy and peace has comforted and encouraged these humble believers for two thousand years. Worship services are noted for their simplicity and sincerity, and consist of a-cappella singing, praying, preaching, and fellowship. Families are seated together during the worship services and Bible Studies.


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