What are Primitive Baptist Beliefs

God is in all respects, Sovereign. (Deu 4:39)
The King James Translation of the Bible is the true Word of God in the English language. The Old Testament foreshadowed Christ and His Church. The New Testament prescribes the doctrines and practices for the Church. (II Tim 3:16)
The Church has continuously existed from the Apostolic period to the present. Perpetuity is through baptisms, ordinations, and Church establishment by ordained ministers who continue in the doctrines and practices of Jesus Christ and His Apostles. (Mat 16:18; Titus 1:5)
The Church is readily identifiable by comparing doctrine and practice to that of the Bible. (Rom 14:17; II Cor 4:20)
God did, before He made the world, elect an innumerable people to be graciously blessed with eternal life with Him in Heaven. (Eph 1:4; Rev 7:9)
God did set the eternal destiny of the elect based solely upon His own sovereign will. None of the elect will be lost! (Joh 6:38)
God, in view of man's sin, purified the elect by the sacrifice of His Son (our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and Beloved); thus, making them fit subjects for Eternal Heaven. Man in his depraved state could not and cannot make himself fit for heaven. (I Pet 2:24)
All the Elect will be born again (effectually called to spiritual life) by the Holy Spiritsometime between conception and death. (Joh 6:37)
Only those who confess that Jesus is the Christ and request baptism are baptized. Baptism is not a requisite for eternal life, but the answer of a good conscience. (Act 8:37)
In this life our Lord blesses us in our obedience to Him and chastises us for our disobedience to Him. (Isa 1:19-20)

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