Where did the Primitive Originate

Early in Christian history there were groups of faithful, humble, sincere believers who derived their Church perpetuity exclusively from Jesus Christ, the Apostles, and their doctrines and practices. Primitive Baptist ancestors never subscribed to the evolving doctrines and practices of other groups that have developed over the last 2000 years. Primitive Baptists are not Protestants! While there are many common points of doctrine, true Baptist perpetuity existed aside from the reformation and protestant movements.
Love of God, simplicity, humility, and strict adherence to Biblical truth has always been prominent identifying characteristics.  The practice of sincere humility has resulted in little historic recognition of these humble believers, yet in spite of dreadful periods of persecution, Christ has graciously preserved this ancient doctrine and practice.  Much of what we know of our humble, early ancestry is from what others wrote about them. For example, it was critically written that they would not accept baptisms from other orders. They were then labeled Anabaptists, a label assigned to various groups at that time, most of these groups were not associated with our ancestors. We believe that baptism is associated with particular beliefs; thus, those who are baptized, must be baptized by ministers holding the same beliefs and practices as the Church to which they are becoming member.   Therefore, the Primitive Baptists of today, as our ancestors did, rebaptize those coming to us from other orders.  These gentle folk were once found throughout North Africa, Europe and West Asia. Most of our early Church ancestors on this continent came from Great Britain.  Over the centuries our ancestors have been identified by many names, such as: Montanists, Novatians, Donatists, Henricians, Arnoldists, Waldenses, Albigenses, and Lollards. It seems that these names were assigned by critical historians.  From the 1520s till the 1830s: Baptists. During the early 1800s some used such names as Old Baptist, Old School Baptist, and later, Primitive Baptists.

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